United Protective Technologies (UPT) has repeatedly proven itself to be an innovative source of new technologies. With a balance of engineering and science-based disciplines, the ability to review, dissect and understand materials related issues continues to yield new applicable Intellectual Property. UPT has built an extensive network of testing partners, allowing the use of advanced analytical tools during the evaluation, development, and implementation of new concepts.

C2R Concept to Reality

UPT was founded in 2002 around the concept of developing advanced surface modification techniques and products designed to extend the life and enhance the performance of a wide range of devices and components exposed to extreme environments. In partnership with Military entities including NAVAIR, SOCOM, and the US Army Aviation RDEC, as well as organizations like Boeing, Sikorsky, and Lockheed Martin, UPT has developed a thin carbon based film (SP3EC™) designed to prevent corrosion, reduce wear, and improve efficiency, a rotor blade leading edge protection system, and a Superhydophobic coating (Velox™).