UPT Products

United Protective Technologies (UPT) has spent years of research and development to create high performance surface modification products and materials that will increase component life and decrease maintenance and down-time. All products and materials UPT offers were developed with government funding through various branches of the United States Military. All products and materials have been rigorously tested against military standards and stringent specifications to ensure survivability and worthiness. Through millions of dollars of government research UPT is capable of offering the highest quality products of its class.

Examples of product application:

  • IR window protective coating – UPT has developed exterior SP3EC™ erosion resistant coatings for the AH-64 Apache Pilot Night Vision System (PNVS) and Target Acquisition Designation System (TADS) windows. Technology advances with the SP3EC™ coating process resulted in the development of a durable, non-hazardous broadband anti-reflective coating to replace the current Thorium (IV) Fluoride coating used on the interior surface these windows
  • Advanced Wear and Friction Coatings – SP3EC™ coatings improve power transmission and efficiencies in gearboxes (proven 6% efficiency gains over uncoated surfaces with greater durability than other thin film coatings). SP3EC™ coatings are currently used in fixed wing aircraft as a more durable alternative to the solid lubricant molybdenum disulfide. SP3EC™ coatings can be readily applied to flat, concave or convex surfaces made from most engineering alloys such as steel, aluminum, magnesium, nickel and titanium. Low processing temperatures ensure that the application of a SP3EC™ coating will not affect prior thermal treatments or part tolerances.
  • Corrosion Prevention – SP3EC™ coatings provide an environmental barrier on magnesium, aluminum and steel components along with preventing galvanic corrosion between different metals. In addition to other corrosion applications, development efforts are underway to offset galvanic corrosion problems on the UH-60 gearbox.
  • Superhydrophobic Coating – UPT in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Labs has developed a superhydrophobic material in powder form, (Velox™) that utilizes both chemistry and surface topography to achieve superhydrophobicity. This mechanism produces ultra low surface energy, forcing water and oil from the surface. Typical water contact angle measurements of Velox™ treated surfaces are >160°, with droplet roll off angle < 2°. These properties eliminate liquid contact and related corrosion and fouling.