About UPT

United Protective Technologies (UPT) was founded around the concept of developing advanced surface modification techniques and products designed to extend the life and enhance the performance of a wide range of devices and components exposed to extreme environments. In partnership with Military entities including NAVAIR, SOCOM, and the US Army Aviation RDEC, as well as organizations like Boeing, Sikorsky, and Lockheed Martin, UPT has developed; a thin carbon based film (SP3EC™) designed to prevent corrosion, reduce wear, and improve efficiency; a rotor blade leading edge protection system; and a Superhydrophobic coating (Velox™).

Examples of product application:

  • IR Window Protective Coating – increases light transmission vs next best alternative by 3-5% and increases component life by 250%. Replaced previous coating on Apache PNVS in 2009.
  • Advanced Wear and Friction Coatings – SP3EC™ improves power transmission and efficiencies in gearboxes (proven 6% efficiency gains over uncoated surfaces with greater durability than other thin-film coatings).
  • Corrosion Control – SP3EC™ coatings provide an environmental barrier on magnesium, aluminum and steel components along with preventing galvanic corrosion between different metals. In addition to other corrosion applications, development efforts are underway to offset galvanic corrosion problems on the UH-60 gearbox. Examples of other products that benefit from our thin coatings are bearings, internal engine components, struts, actuators and many more.
  • Superhydrophobic Coatings – Velox™ Superhydrophobic coatings eliminate surfaces from being wetted, preventing the possibility of corrosion and biofouling component life by 250%.